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Corporate + Group Event


At The United Tastes of America, we provide traditional feasts for large groups, community events, congregations, schools, universities and businesses. We are not a standard catering company. The hosts we work with want to engage their guests in a journey of warmth and solidarity. They also select us for our delicious food, generations-old recipes and fascinating cultural stories.


We’re committed to a living wage, promoting equity and dignity for our cooks and their families. We are often recommended to a business by an employee, keen to engage with a social mission. Other companies work with us on corporate social responsibility programs. Our education partners appreciate events that engage both students, faculty members and the local community.

We are pleased to offer educational materials and a speaker program to enhance the impact of your event.


Contact us with your date, event type, number of guests, and event location; we cover most of New Jersey and New York


We offer set menus and a catering menu. Choose your dishes from our catering menu or, for larger events, we can provide set menus featuring finger food and main dishes


Explore our website to learn about our cooks and recipes; download our toolkit to help plan your event


Corporate + Group Event


Your traditionally prepared feast is delivered to you in foil containers, ready to serve or heat and serve


We provide literature about your food, cooks and the United Tastes of America program for you to share with your guests

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Download our toolkit for hosting

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