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Open doors + open hearts

At a United Tastes of America Supper Club, a delicious, traditional meal is prepared by one or more of our new refugee neighbors. Our cooks will arrive with your food, set it up and join you for fun conversation and lively connections. We facilitate events across New York and New Jersey.

Our United Tastes of America group catering provides delectable feasts for corporate gatherings, parties, community events, congregations, schools and universities. Book us throughout New York or New Jersey for employee engagement and impact investment events, B'nai Mitzvah, B'not Mitzvah, weddings and other celebrations.

Our handy toolkit helps with planning your event.

Open Doors + Open Hearts
Get Involved

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Host at Home

All you need is 12 guests and an open heart. Our skilled cooks bring an array of homemade dishes.


We are raising funds to expand our commercial kitchen space, purchase a delivery vehicle and grow our catering supplies.

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Host a Group

Book a feast from our catering menu for your celebration, community event, congregation, or corporate event.


Download our handy toolkit for tips and guidance on hosting your own event.

Be a Guest

Sign up for a Supper Club and enjoy traditional food, great company and cross-cultural exchanges.



We depend on supporters’ publicity. Share our website and events.

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Download our toolkit for hosting

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“Refugees are as American as a boy from Kansas. They may not have the citizenship certificate but in every other way they are the same as you or I. It’s incumbent on us all to share the American dream.”

Ben, Afghanistan Veteran and

United Tastes of America Supper Club Host

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Welcome Refugees and Asylum Seekers

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