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Share Food,
Shape Futures

Our Vision & Values

Supper Clubs, Group Catering, Culinary Training and Mentoring

Host, Participate, Book, Donate and Share

United Tastes of America sparks connection
between refugees and local communities.

An unprecedented 68.5 million people around the world have been forcibly displaced through conflict or persecution; the equivalent of every single east coast resident from New Hampshire to North Carolina losing their homes. Nearly 25.4 million of these uprooted people are refugees, over half of whom are children.

The United Tastes of America builds belonging and integration for refugees and asylum seekers through shared food, social enterprise and community connections.

We bring together resettled refugees and local residents at supper clubs and corporate events, breaking barriers and building bridges. Our shared meals, prepared by our skilled female cooks, reaffirm our families’ rich cultural heritage and competence, building a path to greater social integration.

The United Tastes of America is a 501(C)(3) registered charity.

"In tough times, some curse the darkness, others light candles. Melina Macall and Kate McCaffrey are candle-lighters. I do not know where my family would be without them."



An Event

Join us in building belonging and respect
We’re supported by individuals, families, multi-faith congregations, corporate enterprises, and educational facilities. 

Pitch in for our

Commercial Kitchen

We are growing. We now have cooks from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo,El Salvador, Rwanda, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. Our needs have grown too.

Help us support our developing needs, training expansion plans and catering growth.

Building Bridges

65 Cooks + 546 Dinners

 =countless friendships

Join Us

Welcome Refugees and Asylum Seekers

[Commenting on the Syria Supper Club initiative]:
“You have a whole interfaith community… It's Muslim, it's Jewish, it's Christian, it's everybody there together all eating dinner… you all break bread together and it's a beautiful experience.


MACALL: It is. And, you know, the faith that we're looking for is the faith in humanity. You don't need to subscribe to any particular religion to join and participate in our events. We're looking for people to connect.

CNN Interview with Alisyn Camerota January 30, 2017

We’re in the news, click below to learn more. 

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