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Mahtab + Zuhal

Afghani Zuhal has been living in New Jersey for a year with her husband and two young children. She cooked for a supper club in Maplewood, alongside an Iranian refugee, Ghamar. Her delicious contribution was a traditional Afghan meal of Aushak dumplings paired with an Iranian Sabzi-Polo dish.

Prior to leaving Afghanistan, Zuhal was a Judge in a commercial court in Kabul, and she quickly found common ground with local New Jersey resident and lawyer, Mahtab.

Says Mahtab, “As a local resident, it was important for to me to show support for our local refugee community and connect as people through the universal human act of breaking bread. As an Iranian-American, I enjoyed sharing stories, and the tastes and memories of middle-eastern food.”

Zuhal is hoping to study again here and resume her career in law. Meeting Mahtab at a United Tastes of America Supper Club forged a connection which may help her along this journey.

“Despite speaking different languages, we communicated well - we share the common language of motherhood and jurisprudence,” says Mahtab.

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